The "Mission Belle" crash landed on the Lek River in the Netherands on December 1, 1943. Details of this event and the aftermath - including photos - can be seen here at this Dutch site A monument is scheduled for construction and dedication on September 29, 2018 near the crash site.
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March 4, 2016

Added link where you can watch the best documentary we have seen so far. "All The Fine Young Men" was produced by the niece of Harold Henslin who was shot down on Mission 101, April 28, 1944.

July 31, 2007

Added link that shows a photo of the museum and memorial from above at a very good resolution.

May 27, 2007

Added aerial map of Ridgewell area as it appears today along with overlay of where the original base and sites were located. Updated menu bar to be easier to read.

June 11 , 2005

In the process of updating the site, cleaning up the pages, renaming the site and other overdue maintenance.

February 23, 2000

Added some photos related to different sites that can be found on the Ridgewell Site map.

January 18, 2000

This site has been reactivated. Some of the items need to be updated and new items will be added as soon as possible.

November 21, 1998

Losses for each mission have been added to the Missions page. Not all losses indicate KIA's, rather these are the losses that were reported that day. Some survived as POW's, some landed in friendly territory and later returned to the base and some were incidents that resulted in a death on the base. We have attempted to be accurate but please report any errors to us.

October 30, 1998

"This Is It!" Stories are stories written by the navigator, Bill Goodman, to his grandchildren. These stories detail his thoughts and experiences while connected with the 381st in 1943.

September 5, 1998

A true story of a miraculous survival of 381st waist gunner, Matt Berk, can be found here.

July 18, 1998

The inspiration for this site has been posted here.

July 2, 1998

Under the link of "Ridgewell Photos", we just added a page of fairly recent photos taken by Hugh Fiske in the late 80's. Click on any photo to see a larger image. Some of the larger photos may take a while to load. Discounted Vacations to Orlando Florida with free attraction tickets or Disney World Vacation packages that include free orlando attraction tickets have great prices and will save you money.