Check out a wide variety of items related to the greatest plane ever built, the B-17 Flying Fortress. You will find books to read, models to build (the Guillow's Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Model Kit has a 45" wingspan!), DVD's to watch and other miscellaneous items geared towards the
B-17 Flying Fortress.
Photos from 1989 show what was left of Ridgewell at the time have been posted here.
Original maps of the Ridgewell station have been posted here. They have been cleaned up and points have been identified as well as possible. There are some photos relating to different sites that can be accesed through the front map.
The Congregational Church at Ridgewell was reopened October 23, 1999. The design of the stained glass window was the result of ideas from the church and the 381st BGMA.
Aerial Map of Ridgewell as it looks in 2007 with overlay of original airbase as it was located in 1943.
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