The "Mission Belle" crash landed on the Lek River in the Netherands on December 1, 1943. Details of this event and the aftermath - including photos - can be seen here at this Dutch site A monument is scheduled for construction and dedication on September 29, 2018 near the crash site.
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Picture of the 381st Memorial in Ridgewell taken by Steve Rode, March 1996. Click here for larger picture.
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The BEST WWII 8th AF documentary may be All The Fine Young Men, a program that aired on NBC in 1984 and can be found on cable periodically these days. It revolves around 381st pilot Lt. Harold Henslin who was shot down during Mission #101 on April 28, 1944. The production involved several 381st members and was produced by Karen Rutledge who was Harold's niece and working for NBC at the time.
The Most Miraculous Survival is the true story of what has to be one of the most miraculous survival stories of the war.
The Ground Crew was an intregal part of any mission so we are including an excerpt from Roger Freeman's excellent book "Combat Profiles: B-17G Flying Fortress in World War 2". The book provides, in detail, all that went into one complete combat sortie. If you want to get the feel of what it was like to be there, this book does an excellent job in transposing that feeling to the reader, especially those of us who were not there. A highly recommended read. It is distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Zenith Books in Osceola, Wi., 800-826-6600. Item # 115213 (refer to this number when ordering). The book is out of print but they do have a few copies left and can refer you to out-of-print dealers when their supply becomes depleted. While the story focuses on the 96th Bomb Group, the picture on the front of the book is a plane with the markings of the 381st.
Genesis of a U.S. Postal Stamp Picture is the account by Lloyd Sunderland about how the ship he was flying (532nd Squadron of the 381st) and a picture of it ended up on a U.S. Postal Stamp as part of the 1997 series depicting classic aircraft.
381st Historian Dave Osborne has been an intregal part in providing much of the historical information of the 381st. This link will take you to his biography.
For information on becoming a member of the 381st Bomb Group Memorial Association, contact Kevin Wilson, secretary of the association.
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