The "Mission Belle" crash landed on the Lek River in the Netherands on December 1, 1943. Details of this event and the aftermath - including photos - can be seen here at this Dutch site A monument is scheduled for construction and dedication on September 29, 2018 near the crash site.
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381st Photo CD Album is now available!
381st Bomb Group Historical Photos CD - 1st Edition Produced by Frank Slomzenski - Copyright ©1999 - 2000, 381st BGMA. This CD contains over 1,500 indexed photos with captions and is PC or MAC compatible. Most of this material is unique to the 381st and is not generic stock photography. The CD-ROM was created from five photo albums comprised of 450 pages and some 1,585 individual photos and documents.

This magnificent collection was donated by George W. Porter on behalf of Leroy C. Wilcox to the Memorial Association. The photos were scanned onto computer files and eventually produced into this CD.

Viewing is very simple.
Place the CD in the CD drive, double click on the "381index" file (the first one) and it will be automatic from that point on.
If you have materials that you wish to share with the Association, they can be incorporated into future editions - originals will be returned to you - contact Frank Slomzenski for further details.
Ordering Information
Send Check or Money Order for $39.95, payable to Frank Slomzenski. Orders outside USA. $35.00 plus $12.00 shipping = $47.00 payable in U.S. Funds. Frank Slomzenski
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